Los Viejos Jodidos" / "The Bloody Grannies" is an experimental punk band constituted by elderly people.

The project consists in a serie of workshops/concerts which variates depending on the specific context. Other than traditional instruments and voice distorsions there are a series of interactive elements which generates sound when activated by touch - such as jelly or plants. This choice aims to create an interaction between older generations and new technologies other than making music accessible also to "non musicians".

The first edition of LVJ took place at Centro de Jubilados y Pensionado senior center in Buenos Aires, Argentina two blocks away from L.P.E.P. artist residency which supported the project. The second edition took place in Cazon, Argentina in occasion of Trans Acciones Utopica artist residency, Centro Rural de Arte.

Sponsored by Joy Labz, Makey Makey.